The story started in 1860 with the grocery store that STEFANO PERNIGOTTI opened in downtown Novi Ligure.  Having done very well in a short time, Pernigotti opened his first factory in 1868 and was appointed as the official supplier of the Kingdom in 1882. With the outbreak of World War I, PERNIGOTTI started using honey instead of sugar in his products and created a unique flavor and texture.  Starting to produce GIANDUIOTTO in 1927 and ice-cream raw material in 1936, PERNIGOTTI has become one of the most significant brands of Italy in the following years. 

Pernigotti, which was purchased and renewed by Toksöz Group in 2013, proceeds on its way as a 100% Turkish-capitalized global brand. 

The special taste of Pernigotti chocolates, one of the longest-established brands of Italy, comes from the use of chocolate known as Gianduia, coming to light during the Napoleonic wars and consisting of the mixture of cocoa and hazelnut pastes.


Pernigotti, which contains no trans-fat, coloring agents, preservatives and additives promises to be the indispensable brand of moments of pleasure with its wide range of quality products suitable for all age groups and consumption moments.

Pernigotti has a product range suitable for every palate consisting of Gianduiotto (chocolate with hazelnut paste), Cremino (hazelnut milk chocolate with hazelnut cream in the middle), Gemma (milk chocolate filled with milk chocolate and hazelnut), and Nocciolato (chocolate with whole hazelnuts and hazelnut paste).

Pernigotti IL Gelato, arising from Pernigotti’s 156 years of experience and mastership in chocolate and ice-cream, and brings ice-cream passionates together with Italian flavors since 2016 May.

Pernigotti IL Gelato is offered as cornets , sticks and cups.

The varieties are; Classic, made of natural vanilla flavor and milk chocholate; Pistacchios, made of 50% pistacchios and 50% vanilla ice-cream, covered with mik chocolate and pistacchios, and Strawberry, made of natural nut sauce and nut pieces, covered with milk chocolate and nuts.

Pernigotti IL Gelato’s covering layer of chocolate is made of cocoa oil and real chocolate made of cocoa. There is no amulgator, glucose, fructose syrup and trans oil in Pernigotti IL Gelato products. All aromas and sauces that are used are formed by completely natural ingredients and no artificial aroma is used. 

Cup series which were added to the product family in 2017 bring the natural and high quality ice cream experience to a whole new dimension. All the flavors giving their taste to the ice creams in the series are selected specially and obtained from their native lands with great care: Raspberries from Macedonia, mango from India, vanilla from Madagascar, cocoa from Santo Domingo and Costa Rica, hazelnuts from Ordu and pistachio from Antep…







Pernigotti included the Passioni range in its product family in 2017. With the Passioni range, Pernigotti offers chocolate lovers the delicious Italian chocolate experience.

At Pernigotti Passioni:

  • We only use natural cocoa and hazelnut oil
  • We do not use any preservatives
  • We use natural vanilla flavour, not natural identical flavour
  • Tasty and quality hazelnuts from Ordu are used in hazelnut chocolate
  • Delicious pistachios from Gaziantep are used in pistachio chocolate

Besides, Pernigotti Passioni can be consumed by people with coeliac disease since it does not contain gluten.

Pernigotti Passioni has the following types of chocolate: Milk Chocolate, Hazelnut Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Pistachio Chocolate.