Sanset brand, carrying out its business under the umbrella of Toksöz Group, acquired brands such as Tadelle, Sarelle, Gol and Sagra from the Saving Deposit Insurance Fund (TMSF) in September 2007 and started to operate in the food sector.

Since then the main motto of the company has been to provide consumers with the brands widely known by young or old consumers, with top quality ingredients.

Sanset puts into practice the highest health and security standards in its production plant and the production takes place in the Black Sea Region in Ordu where the richest hazelnut gardens of the world are located. Annual production capacity of the factory is 30,000 tonnes.


Sanset products do not include trans fatty acids, food coloring and preservatives. Instead of vanilla extract that is acquired via chemical reactions known as "nature identical", pure vanilla, which is acquired from natural plants, is used during production and while procuring raw Soya Lecithin material, it is observed that the soya is not of genetically modified origin.

The hazelnuts to be used are selected by the experts while the plants are still in the gardens. Later the hazelnuts are roasted with a special method, and then used in the products. Hazelnuts processed with the unique roasting methods of Sagra do not lose their aroma, taste and nutritional values. Another delicate matter is the use of milk powder. Specially processed milk powder is used during production. 90 out of 100 producers use standard milk powder. Sanset prefers to use the milk powder where the taste is more permanent than the others and which provides better results when mixed with cacao.
Sugar used in Sanset products is acquired from sugar beet.

It doesn't include sugars such as fructose and glucose.

The 8 primary brands Sanset focuses on are Tadelle, Sarelle, Sagra, Gol, Zumosol, Pernigotti and Pernigotti Il Gelato.



While Sarelle is positioned as the cream chocolate brand of the mothers who are conscious, research and have a passion for quality, on the other hand Tadelle is a product that can be consumed any moment during the day with a strong hazelnut and intense chocolate taste.

Sagra is a special chocolate and it is produced with the combination of ingredients such as special cacao as well as top quality hazelnuts, pistachios and natural vanilla.

Gol can be consumed at all hours of the day and night while watching TV, when studying or in the work place and has a special packing, attractive to consumers.

Zumosol is offered to consumers with its 100% freshly-squeezed orange juice, apple juice, pineapple juice, mango-apple-grape juice and peach-grape.

Pernigotti is a candidate to become Turkey’s number 1 premium chocolate and icecream brand.

Pernigotti Il Gelato, arising from Pernigotti’s 157 years of experience and mastership in chocolate and ice-cream, and brings ice-cream passionates together with Italian flavors.

Pernigotti included the Passioni range in its product family in 2017. With the Passioni range, Pernigotti offers chocolate lovers the delicious Italian chocolate experience.