Zeema was established within the body of Toksöz Group in 2010 and carries out its business in wholesale electricity sales with the license acquired from the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EPDK) with license number ETS/2709-16/1684.

Zeema A.Ş. was established in compliance with the Electricity Market Law numbered 4628 and Zeema Elektrik Enerjisi Toptan A.Ş. is constructing a Hydroelectric Plant of 45 MW capacity in Ordu which will start to operate in 2015 and a power plant with 80 MW capacity which will start to operate in 2016.

Businesses having/acquired free consumer qualification, will be able to purchase electricity from Zeema AŞ, and they will be able to procure energy with lower prices.

After the private sector has been allowed to operate in the Energy Market the market is improving day by day. Zeema A.Ş. aims to provide high quality services with lower costs to its customers and also aims to be the leading company of the electricity sector with its pioneer corporate vision that contributes to the utilization of our national and renewable energy sources.