Zumos Palma

Zumosol was acquired by Toksöz Group in November 2013 and is the most popular fruit juice brand in Spain and is the second largest fruit juice producer.

Zumosol produces 100% natural and high quality fruit juices and is among the leading fruit juice market brands in Europe. Re-launch of the product was carried out in 2014 and it was awarded as the best re-launch of the year.

The fruits of the orchards being monitored all day long are processed in 40,000 m2 facilities that are equipped with state-of-the-art technology with an annual production capacity of 200 million liters.

In Zumosol, which means “Sunwater” in Spanish, the fruits are not concentrated but fresh-squeezed and bottled.

The bottled products contain no preservatives, additives, sweeteners, sugar, water or any other diluents. Thus, 2 kg of orange is used to yield 1 l of Zumosol Orange Juice.

Employing a different production technique, Zumosol fills the sterilized bottles in an anaerobic environment. The juices of the seasonably fresh-picked fruits preserve all the nutritive properties, vitamins and the most flavors thanks to the specially designed packing and hygienic inner cap system.

Offering the flavours of home-squeezed fruits, Zumosol has entered the Turkish market with its 100% freshly-squeezed orange juice, 100% freshly squeezed apple juice,  100% freshly squeezed pineapple juice, 100% freshly squeezed peach-grape juice and 100% freshly squeezed mango-apple-grape juice.

Zumosol's fruit gardens are located in Andalucia where the best fruits of Spain are cultivated and it will continue to expand within the body of Toksöz Group.