Toksöz Group began making investments to launch biological medicine production in 2007. Arven Pharmaceuticals continues its efforts towards improving public health with its qualified researchers and personnel, who have experience in biosimilar product development and hold advanced degrees, and its biosimilar product development infrastructure, which continues to grow each day. Toksöz Group's manufacturing plant for high-tech products for Arven Pharmaceuticals, which is established on a closed area of 28,000 square meters in the Kırklareli Organised Industrial Zone, one of the Group's main investments in this regard, started to operate in 2017.


Arven R & D facility , taking the R & D center status from Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology in 2017, has been continuously carrying out the R & D efforts. Researchers and technicians that were graduated from the distinguished universities of our country, are working in the center. Here, inhaler drugs and biotechnological and biosimilar drugs are being developed. The inhaler project team is mainly focused on formulation development and analytical characterization. The research and development activities carried out by the biotechnology project team are mainly concentrated in two main groups as drugs obtained by microbial production and drugs in complex structure obtained by using mammalian cell culture.

Biological medicines used for conditions that cannot be completely treated with conventional medicine, such as cancer and autoimmune diseases, are expensive. These medicines place an economic burden on patients and health systems alike. This is why producing biosimilars that may provide alternatives for treating these diseases become important. Our company's greatest goal is to produce biosimilars of expensive biological medicines in quality standards that will satisfy authorities, and to offer these products for the benefit of public health. Employing promising youth who have completed degree programs in relevant areas (Molecular Biology and Genetics, Biology, Bioengineering, etc.) to reach this goal would also prove a valuable asset for our nation.

Our company follows guidelines published by the World Health Organization, European Medicines Agency and USA Food and Drug Administration during the biosimilar development process. These guidelines are internationally accepted as the golden reference in the industry and indicate the development processes a biosimilar product must go through. The "Every Product is a Process" approach and the importance of quality during this process are the pillars of Arven Pharmaceuticals' operations. Arven Pharmaceuticals conducts the majority of structural and functional analyses recommended in international guidelines with its current infrastructure and experts in relevant fields. Reaching commercial production levels without compromising product quality is the most critical step of the development process, as well as an important mission Arven Pharmaceuticals has adopted for advancement in public health.

Arven; a 100% Turkish capitalized pharmaceutical company, succeeded in developing the first Turkish patented dry powder inhaler “Sanohaler®”  as a result of long lasting R&D activities, which is a very important milestone in Turkish Pharmaceutical Industry

Moreover, as a result of their investments in biotechnology, Arven Pharmaceuticals succeeded in authorisating Turkey’s first  biosimilar product that was produced and developed by Turkish Pharmaceutical Industry.

Having the motto "We design the technology for the future today, and we provide the future to human health", Arven, in the upcoming years, will continue its activities as a company that produces biotechnology drugs and specific drugs for oncology and hormones etc., as well as respiratory products, with the new production facility in Kırklareli.