Corporate Culture

Our Mission

To be a corporation who adopts quality as a way of life, carries out business with the utmost respect to the environment, who is open for change and reliable, who gives high importance to customer satisfaction and whose primary aim is to contribute to human health.

Our Values


We carry out all our activities, business practices and relationships within the framework of our codes of conduct.
We are proud to continue to grow with our staff who adopt our understanding of ethics.


We believe that our understanding of quality is not limited with our products but it is in effect for management, for our staff and for our corporate culture completely.
We aim to make our understanding of quality become a life model for all our staff.


We believe that being reliable is the basic and the most important characteristic. We give importance to build relationships based on mutual trust with our staff, and with all companies and people we do business with.

Respect the Environment and Human Life

We consider respect to the environment and human life as the most vital, and basic duty of ours, and we invest in production technologies in line with this understanding. We aim to live in an environment in accordance with human dignity.