Corporate Culture

Our Values

We work to make a difference

We continuously improve ourselves, our teams, products, and services. This is how we compete. We meet our customers’ needs with the latest scientific innovations. We are pioneers.

Quality is our way of life

No matter what the circumstances, we protect our company’s, employees’, and customers’ reputation in any relation we establish. We keep our promises.

We care for humans and life

Our business is based upon the principle of respect for humans and life. We consider the benefits we can create for the ecosystem before we act. We create value.

We attach value to the sense of unity

We know that we can overcome all obstacles if we trust and respect each other and cooperate accordingly. We value each other’s ideas and develop shared solutions. We win together.

We hold onto our future

We work to be the best company today and in future. We fulfil all our responsibilities. We work responsibly and passionately.