Renumeration And Hr Operations






Our employees’ personal rights and payroll operations are carried out in line with the laws.

Pay increases are given in February every year. It is ensured that business evaluation and pay management processes are set and implemented in a consistent way and there is a balance between different positions and in line with the company’s strategies. In addition, the data in the job market are taken into account before giving pay rise.

We have a specially designed program, called BUBU. BUBU is a flexible fringe benefits program. Every year in March, our employees are given the opportunity to flex and/or diversify their existing fringe benefits considering their own needs and wishes on condition that they remain with the fringe benefits budget granted to them.

The fringe benefits offered by our company are:

  • Private health insurance,
  • Casualty insurance,
  • Meal card,
  • Company line (for job)
  • Company vehicle (for job)
  • Check to buy clothes (for job)
  • Leave beyond the legal right
  • Birthday leave

Our employees are given a variety of options to enjoy their flexible fringe benefits which are annually updated according to their desires.