Training and Development

Much learning shows, how little mortals know.

                                                                                                 Edward Young


Toksöz Group uses various learning tools and methods to run its training and development processes. At Toksöz Group, we provide all our colleagues - at all levels and in all positions-   working for Arven Pharmaceutical, Montero Gıda and Verano İlaç with professional and personal development, training and learning opportunities that are dynamic, up-to-date, and compatible with the changing world. In this regard, Toksöz Group has different platforms that consist of more than one school and academy for supporting its employees’ training and development needs.


Toksöz Group Sales School

It provides in-class trainings to support our colleagues who have newly joined the on-site sales team.  The trainings support their professional and personal development processes based on level. Our trainings cover several professional and personal development programs, including but not limited to:

  • Development of Basic Sales Skills
  • Development of Advanced Sales Skills
  • Understanding Differences
  • Advanced Negotiation Skills
  • Effective Presentation Techniques
  • Emotional Literacy.


Toksöz Group Management School


It offers programs designed to improve and strengthen the leadership skills of our team leaders responsible for business and human management processes in our company. 

Management School aims to improve our team leaders’ leadership skills through internal and external trainings and offer them the knowledge and skills they need for business and human management. Here are the seniority-based programs offered by the Management School:

  • Development of Basic Management Skills
  • Development of Intermediate Management Skills
  • Development of Advanced Management Skills


Academy of the Steps to Future

This is a development platform where our colleagues, who have successfully completed their talent management processes, get together to improve and strengthen their managerial competencies. Academy of the Steps to Future offers long-term programs wherein multi-learning materials are used. These programs are delivered through individual and in-class trainings. The academy trains the employees who are to work in the managerial positions of human-business management processes.

At the academy, each participant’s personal development is supported by specialized consultants through “Development Consultancy”. Besides, academicians specialised in management as well as other external trainers are invited to contribute to the programs.


Toksöz Campus

Digital Training&Development Platform

It is a digital learning program that makes access to knowledge and learning independent of time and space with the help of technology. It is designed as an individual learning platform so that all our colleagues working for Toksöz Group can access information anytime they want.  

Toksöz Campus covers not only professional and personal development programs accessible anytime and anywhere but also trainings in different subjects, such as information technologies, hobbies and health.   

Moreover, Toksöz Campus has an “Audio Library” which contains audio articles and audio books by prominent researchers and authors. These materials are aimed at improving learning in different fields, such as leadership and personal development.  


Talent Management

Our aim in our Talent Management processes is to carry both our human resources and organization into future by making career and development plans for the existing talents in our group. In this context, we assess our colleagues systematically and support them with learning and development tools throughout their career. In this way, we help them be ready for future. We have a management understanding that supports our colleagues’ individual career goals.

Talent Management process covers the following steps:

  • Talent discovery,
  • Talent assessment,
  • Talent development
  • Career planning