Toksöz Group carries out business in the pharmaceutical, consumer goods,and energy industry as well as in the areas of baby nutrition, care products for babies-mothers, OTC products, wine cultivation and ornamental plant production with over 3,000 employees.

Companies such as Sanovel Pharmaceuticals, Verano Pharmaceuticals, Sanset,  Arven Pharmaceuticals, Vinero and Montero carry on business within the body of the Group.

Italian chocolate and ice cream brand Pernigotti, which was acquired in 2013, and Spanish fruit juice brand Zumosol are Group companies carrying out business in the international arena.

Toksöz Group companies have been developed in order to enable them to produce, market and sell in line with the international standards.
With its dynamic structure open for improvement it is becoming more and more popular in the domestic and international markets in different industries and it expands its scope of business each day.