Sanovel Animal Health department was established in 2000, and since 2016 it has been operating under the name Verano İlaç. With its staff of 50 employees, Verano serves for the entire country.

Our products range from conventional antibiotics that offer a variety of treatment options to our colleagues working on cattle to various other specialities for different and new groups.  We are continuing to expand our product range.  

Here are some of the products offered to the Turkish market for the first time by Verano Pharmaceutical:

The first cephalexin and kanamycin combination antimastitis ointment 

The first Vitamin C injectable

The first sterilized veterinary eye ointment  

The first 375/750 oxfendazole-oxyclozanide antihelmintic combination

The first 375/750 levamisole--oxyclozanide antihelmintic combination

The first meloxicam containing NSAI

The first appetitive therapeutic product and the first brotizolam containing product  

The first ivermectin- closantel combination  

Verano Pharmaceutical’s unchanging standards:  


      Ensuring the highest quality from raw material supply to the final stage,

Following the latest innovations in R&D and technical services, and if required, communicating the latest information to our doctors,

Ensuring continuous staff training and following the scientific developments,

Offering smooth services and guaranteeing the optimal customer satisfaction.