Verano Pharmaceuticals

Sanovel Animal Welfare department was founded in 2000 and started to serve across the country with its 50 staff, as Verano Pharmaceuticals since December 2016.

The product range mainly consists of classical antibiotic preparations providing a wide range of treatment to our colleagues working with cattle and it continues to grow with various specialties from different and new groups.
Some of the "first time" applications that Sanovel Veterinary Medicine department produced in the Turkish veterinary pharmaceutical industry are as follows;

  • First antibiotic with extra-long lasting effect
  • First cephalexin canamycine combination anti mastitis pomade
  • First injectable C vitamin in vial
  • First sterile veterinary eye pomade
  • First 375/750 oxfendazole-oxyclozanide antihelmintic combination
  • First 375/750 levamisole-oxyclozanide antihelmintic combination
  • First nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAI) including active ingredient meloxicam
  • First appetitive stimulus therapeutic class product and first product including the active ingredient brotizolam
  • First ivermectin+closantel endektosit combination

Verano Pharmaceuticals are as follows;

  • Top quality from raw material supply to the last stage of the production,
  • Researching the latest innovations in Research and Development and technical service fields and delivering these to our physicians both in product and information form
  • Personnel training continuing in line with the scientific developments,
  • And as a result of these, provision of smooth service quality and the highest level of customer satisfaction.