Montero Gıda San. Tic. A. Ş. started to carry out its business within the body of Toksöz Group in 2014. Montero offers high quality nutrition and care products with innovative and natural content for mothers and infants, as well as OTC products with natural content that support immune system for adults/children.

Evolvia NutriPRO products sold by Montero, are produced by working with international nutrition experts with an innovative formula. These products are developed and produced in the labs of Ordesa, which is one of the leading research centers of Denmark.

It is developed as a supplement for the lack or absence of breast milk.

Ordesa Labs were founded in 1943 and it has an experience of over 70 years and is an expert firm in the infant nutrition field. Ordesa products are sold in Europe, Latin

America and Middle Eastern countries and it continues to operate in line with the understanding of quality product, innovation and customer satisfaction principles.

Montero Gıda launched Brodil Herbal, the first OTC* brand of the group, in 2017.

Brodil Herbal is a liquid food supplement with unique patented** formulation. Brodil Herbal is comprised of ingredients of natural  origin: Honey, propolis, umckaloabo, licorice, ginger, echinacea and berberis and Panax ginseng***. 

2 forms of Brodil Herbal are:

Brodil Herbal Kids: Suitable for children aged 4 and older,
Brodil Herbal Adults is suitable for children aged 11 and over and adults.

*OTC: Over The Counter; non-reimbursed drugs and food supplements sold with or without prescription.

** Brodil Herbal: European patended – US patent pending herbal formulation

European Patent No (Herbal Formulation): EP 2 908 831 B1

US Patent Publication No (Herbal Formulation): US 2015-0290253 A1

Brodil Herbal Kids: European patent penting herbal formulation

European Patent Publication No (Herbal Formulation): EP 2 937 077 A1 

*** Brodil Herbal Kids doesn’t contain ginseng.