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Arven Pharmaceutical’s Big Move for the Turkish Pharmaceutical Sector

Arven Pharmaceutical’s Big Move for the Turkish Pharmaceutical Sector

Arven Pharmaceuticals, operating under Toksöz Group’s roof, succeeded in developing and producing Turkey’s first biosimilar product. The medicine, which was licensed recently by the Ministry of Health, aims to reduce the negative effects caused by chemotherapy which is frequently used in the treatment of cancer diseases. The medicine, helps reduce the effects of infections by preventing “Neutropenia”, which is known as the reduction of white blood cells and is the most common side effect of chemotherapy

Turkey will both develop and produce

Arven Pharmaceuticals board chairman Ahmet Toksöz commented as; “We are very happy and proud to have accomplished a revolutionary innovation in the sector and to lead the way in Turkey with our product which is the result of 9 years of R&D. As Arven Pharmaceuticals, we believe that our product which we developed with great passion and patience will play a significant role in filling an important gap both in terms of hematology & oncology and Turkey’s foreign dependency. With our product licensed, we proved that our country is capable of not only producing but also developing biotechnological pharma products. According 2015’s data, there is an approximate of 2.5 billion TL worth of import use in biotechnological/biosimilar pharma category in Turkey.  As Arven Pharmaceuticals, with our future products, we aim to lead the sector in terms of narrowing down the import product market share. Our product will also pioneer in ranking Turkey among powerful countries, who develop high technology medicine with high added value”.

Will be used worldwide

Ahmet Toksöz stated that the licensing process also started for Asia and Europe markets after obtaining the license in Turkey, and added; “In addition to this, we have conducted a preassembly with the American Food and Drug Administration for the US market and will initiate the process next year. As the tender bids are very high in this product range, we have already started to receive various offers from different countries to participate in tenders.  Arven Pharmaceuticals is focused on products that are high technology and considered “hard-to-produce”. Our own licensed breathing apparatus’ are also ranked among similar added-value products. With these products, we aim export sales by mainly focusing on US and Europe”.

Arven Pharmaceuticals Biotechnology Manager Dr. Pharmacist İrem Yenice, stated that until now, the Turkish pharmaceutical industry had an infrastructure that was more chemical based and related to simple-structured medicine, and added; “With our new product, we managed to add an infrastructure to our country that enables the development and production of a biotechnological medicine, from a biological source to a finished good. Our product, which we consider is the natural result of the value our company attaches to information and investing in human beings, have strengthened us for our continuing projects as well”.

Arven Pharmaceuticals Sales and Marketing Group Director Murat Aktürk stated that they are very proud of our country for developing a biotechnological product, that requires high production technologies and that the product is now served to the Turkish healthcare system. He also added that they aim to benefit the Turkish economy by entering the US and Europe markets as well as reducing import dependency in this category. Aktürk concluded by expressing how happy they are for the Turkish medicine sector.