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Motherhood is instinctive, but what about fatherhood?

Motherhood is instinctive, but what about fatherhood?

Offering healthy food and supplements for infants and mothers, Evolvia has released a new commercial film about fathers, whose way of thinking changes after having children.

The film mentions the fact that every instinct is used in the communication between mother and baby while breastfeeding, and that modern day fathers play a role in child development and are happy to do so. It gives the message that motherhood is instinctive while fatherhood is learned by spending time with the child and making an effort. In the film, a little experiment is carried out with respect to the question "Women's lives change when they become mothers, but what about men?".

In this film by Havas Digital, men, with and without children, are brought together to create an experimental group. The experimental group is asked what some words, such as walkie-talkie and car, mean to them. When the answers given by the men with and without children are compared, we see a striking result. When a man becomes a father, everything -from the way he perceives words to his way of thinking- changes in his life.